Lincoln Square Fencing was founded in 2008 with a focus on Long-Term Athlete Development. Inspired by the success of programs in Europe and Asia and dismayed by the number of injuries Clint saw at university programs, he designed a club that would teach people the sport and teach them to excel and achieve without pushing them to a breaking point. The club initially served the Northside of Chicago, but as many of the Coaches also coach in the Great Lakes High School Conference, our reach has expanded to the North Shore suburbs. 

Every athlete, whether a complete beginner wanting to try a new sport or an experienced competitor looking to see if we’re a good fit, will be greeted by one of the coaches and class members as well as being assisted throughout their first visit. In addition to the club location, LSF has taught classes at local elementary schools and is always looking to expand the reach of Fencing throughout Chicago and the North Shore Suburbs.

Lincoln Square Fencing trains both Saber & Foil with a focus on Saber for the youth classes starting at age 7. Our classes are structured to allow the student to progress through a curriculum that set standards at each level and then prepares them for competitions at the Local, Regional, and National levels. 

The Adult classes are more recreational, and the members have the option of Foil or Saber, with the instructors guiding the students through each step, and allowing them to be as competitive and serious about the sport as they desire. Regardless of goals, each student will be taught with equal parts attention, skill, and integrity. In addition to the classes and private lessons, we offer special events such as birthday parties, team-building workshops and demonstrations for schools and organizations.

Find the Fencer Within

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals


Clinton Smith

Head Coach

Clint is a certified coach by the US Fencing Coaching Association, attaining Prevot, level 3 (of 4 total levels), in both Foil and Saber. In June of 2016, he was the first American Fencer to graduate from the Hungarian University of Physical Education’s International Coaching Course and finished the course as co-valedictorian.

As head coach, Clint is responsible for spearheading lesson plans, training lessons and the overall direction of the club.  However, he takes a special interest in the young adult age group ensuring that they are trained not only as fencers, but as individuals.  His focus is to prepare the kids for the commitment, dedication and hard work that their fencing endeavors will require, but he makes it a point to have these lessons act as tools the children can use in school and throughout their lives. Clint brings more than 20 years of training, competition and coaching experience to these programs and works with all the students, (from the newest and youngest, to those participating in National Competitions) to ensure that each student, regardless of their age and skill level, gets the very best from the fencing program.

Find the Fencer Within

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals