MUSKETEERS (ages 7-9)

Classes designed specifically with the ages of 7-9 in mind! This program makes sure the kids have fun while learning healthy habits and lifelong enjoyment of sport! Fencing specific activities as well as general fitness techniques teach a healthy start to learning how to train in a sport and develop goals. The program is broken down into levels with each class being open to all levels. As a student progresses through the levels, their knowledge and ability to perform the sport will increase. The program includes events and bouting that will increase the athlete’s preparedness for continuing the sport for life.

YOUNG ADULT (ages 10-18)

The Young Adult program is built on a model of long-term development and progressive skill acquisition extending into competition and coaching. This program continues the sport for life approach of the younger program and prepares the athlete for Regional, National and International competition as well as teaching them how to manage goals and steps to achieving those goals. As the athlete nears the upper tiers of the program, they are introduced to coaching the younger and newer members and continuing to teach the next generation of students how to appreciate the sport while deepening their own knowledge of the game.


Our adult classes allow busy professionals to enjoy a new sport, develop their fitness and make new friends at their own pace. We don’t push our members in this program beyond what their own desires and we allow them to practice on their own schedule. Adult membership includes access to any of our adult classes as well as use of the gym during our open practice times. All equipment is provided free of charge; you’ll only need to bring gym clothes (sneakers, t-shirt, sweatpants).


The Adult Beginner session is a monthly (4-week) class session offered twice a week where the participants can attend either or both of the sessions. Each week a new skill is offered that builds on the previous week and at the end of the month the participants are familiar with the basic rules of the game, scoring and use of the electronic scoring equipment. Participants only need athletic clothes and shoes, a water bottle is recommended. In order to keep the class at a small student : coach ratio, please reserve your spot in each class.


This program is for those athletes who have attained Level 4 in our Young Adult program or the Adults ready to make the leap into serious competition. In addition to all the classes, this program adds private lessons and competition support. A more detailed approach to planning, goal-setting, and competition preparation is offered. Space is limited in this program, and interested members should discuss options with their coach.


Summer Camps are week-long sessions with each week open to all levels of experience and ages 7-18. Each camp session will teach the sport from the basics to the advanced concepts while including lots of summer fun! There are tours of museums, days at the beach and barbecues all throughout the summer to keep things fun and exciting for the campers. At the end of each camp week, families are invited in to watch the campers bout and learn more about the sport from the coaches.

Find the Fencer Within

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals